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What good are a bunch of great looking design assets if you don't know how to customize and use them? I'm not gonna leave you hangin. :) Included in  this package is an entire series of videos teaching you how to customize the graphics and put them on your Unbounce page!

Frequently Asked Questions

100% Money Back Guarantee

I am after happy customers. If you buy the Unbounce Landing Page Design Kit and aren't satisfied, email me within 7 days of your purchase and I'll refund your money, no questions asked, and no giving the stink-eye in the hallway. :)

Do these files work only on Unbounce?

The design files in the Landing Page Design Kit can be used and work on any landing page publishing system. Or you can use them on your own, hand-coded pages. Signing up for an Unbounce account is not a requirement for using the files. The reason I teamed up with Unbounce to publish this kit is because they offer the most flexible, reliable and easy to use system of publishing pages I've ever seen.

How to I get the pre-designed themes into Unbounce?

I've created 3 part video tutorial that teaches you how to 1. customize the theme for your product or service, 2. export your images from Photoshop, 3. import and lay out your page in Unbounce. You can watch landing page design tutorials here.

What happens when I hit "Buy Now"?

After you hit "Buy Now" you will be directed to a Paypal checkout page. After you submit payment via Paypal, you will receive an email with a download link for ALL of the downloadable files.

Are there any usage restrictions?

No, the Kit is under an Attrubution 3.0 Unported License which means you can use the files HOWEVER YOU CHOOSE - for personal or business use. NO LIMITATIONS. With regard to attribution, all I ask is you stay in touch and let me know how the kit has been helpful for your apps!

Creative Commons License
Landing Page Design Kit by Jen Gordon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Do I need software to use the design files?

No, all graphics are exported in transparent .png format and can be directly uploaded to your Unbounce page. The "Themes" are not exported into .png format, as they are intended to be customized in Photoshop to fit your product or service.

However, if you would like to modify the design files (for example put your eBook cover artwork for your .pdf download graphic) you can use Photoshop Elements ($69), Photoshop ($699) (CS3 or higher), or Pixelmator ($59.99).

How do I sign up for a free Unbounce account?

It's super easy and fast to get set up with an Unbounce account. Just go here and sign up!

The free account is limited to 200 Unique Visitors/month, 1 Custom Domain and will include an Unbounce branded footer on your published page. This can be removed by upgrading to any paid plan or by choosing their $10/month unbranded option.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

I do and you can sign up here. It will become active after the Mighty Deals special expires.

Create Professional Looking, High-Converting Landing Pages

with Unbounce and the Landing Page Design Kit

Video Tour

This video tour will give you an in-depth look at the resources included in the Landing Page Design Kit. It's kind of long but worth checking out if you want more details!

"We all know it's super easy to build landing pages without the help of a programmer using Unbounce. But what about design? How can regular people create landing page designs that REALLY turn heads AND sell your product or service?

Enter the Landing Page Design Kit, a huge collection of premium landing page graphics and free tutorial videos that make it easy for marketers to create a landing page that looks great AND performs. Think of it as the Non-Designer's Toolkit for creating killer designs for your landing page."

Jen Gordon

Landing Page Designer, Marketer &
Creator of the Landing Page Design Kit




Purchase before August 31st

and get free Monthly Upgrades to the Kit through December 2012!


If you find that the Landing Page Design Kit isn't what you expected, email me, (Jen Gordon) within 7 days of purchase and I will refund your money. No questions asked.

Just graphics may not be enough for a "non-designer" to get started creating an awesome landing page. That's why I'm also offering you pre-designed themes that can be quickly customized for your own purposes.

I'll be releasing a new theme every week based on your requests!

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How do you get the files? Hitting the red button above will redirect you to Paypal for checkout. Once your payment is processed, you will receive and email with a download link for a .zip file that contains all of the themes and graphics included in the Kit.

More questions? Send me a message in the chat box at the bottom left of this page or check out the FAQ's