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Or, hire me to design a page for you.

Don't waste money on designers.

We all know the key to high-performing landing pages is testing. And testing requires revisions. Usually a LOT of 'em.

Can your designer deliver?
Will the money you spend on a designer pay off? Is your designer an expert at landing page design? How long will it take for them to really understand your business? Do they even care if the page performs well?

Are you a Marketer or Entrepreneur?
This kit is designed for marketers and entrepreneurs who want to launch and test proven landing page designs without the hassle, expense and worry of hiring a designer. All you need is very basic Photoshop skills and you're on your way.

Or, (if you must) hire me.
No time for DIY landing page design? I get it. If you *must* hire a designer, email me. I love designing landing pages and may be a good fit for your project.


Hi, I'm Jen.

Nice to e-meet you. :) I'm a designer and writer by trade, and fell into the niche of landing page design 5 years ago when I needed to promote and sell my iPhone and iPad apps.

What I learned in the process of designing landing pages for my apps is I love great design, AND I love seeing how it can influence behavior, sales, engagement and conversions!

Over time I've collected a LOT of experience-based data on how to design landing pages that convert. That's why I call these templates "pre-designed and conversion optimized". Every template is designed with Conversion Centered Design in mind. Boom. Fun. Yay!

Hire me.
I enjoy keeping my skills and experience sharp by periodically taking on client projects. If you have more money than time and really need a custom landing page design, click on my email address or give me a call. My fees for custom design vary per project, but are typically start in the $1,000 - 1,500 range. If that doesn't scare you off, let's chat!

Jen Gordon
Landing Page Design Kit


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This kit includes such a large and ever-growing collection of landing page assets. These themes and graphics can be mixed and matched to create hundreds of landing page variations.

What the Pro's have to say...

I've had the great privilege of working with some awesome landing page design and marketing experts. Here's what they have to say about the Kit.

Oli Gardner, Co-Founder & Creative Director @ Unbounce
"Jen's Landing Page Design Kit saves Unbounce customers time and money on hiring freelance or design agencies, getting them online and testing faster."

Buy Today & get my conversion e-Course FREE.

When I began creating landing pages, I thought great design was all it took to sell products and services online. Wow was I wrong!

What I learned after a lot of trial and error is the key to persuasive landing pages is not just design, but a combination of goal setting and hypothesis testing. Testing your audience, message, copy, images and then of course overall design.

So I created a system, a "landing page design process", that helps me consider ALL of the elements that go into creating high-converting landing pages.

The result is this 2-hour Conversion e-Course that includes worksheets and HD video training you can access at *any time.* I sell this course for $149 on Udemy. I'm now including it in this Kit to give you guys the added knowledge to ensure sure your pages kick ass.

Once your pages are killing it, you tell a friend and they buy the Kit. It's a win-win. :)

2 hours of conversion crushing tips. Sells for $149 on Udemy here. Free for those who purchase before July 15, 2014.

Step-by-Step worksheets take you through an easy to follow process.

HD videos demo the creation of a landing page start-to-finish using this process.

You leave the e-Course with your final, complete landing page in-hand.

The Landing Page Design Kit v2.0 by Jen Gordon

Buy the Landing Page Design Kit v2.o

Purchase before July 15, 2014 and get unlimited online access to my Conversion e-Course - Free.

Get lifetime access to all Kit updates and additions.
Over 300 landing page graphics and themes.
Complimentary landing page design e-Course.
Zero risk. 100% Money-back guarantee (yes seriously).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do these files work only on Unbounce?
The design files in the Landing Page Design Kit can be used and work on any landing page publishing system. Or you can use them on your own, hand-coded pages. Signing up for an Unbounce account is not a requirement for using the files. The reason I teamed up with Unbounce to publish this kit is because they offer the most flexible, reliable and easy to use system of publishing pages I've ever seen.

How do I get the pre-designed themes into Unbounce?
I've created a series of 12 video lessons that teach you how to 1. customize the theme for your product or service, 2. export your images from Photoshop, 3. import and lay out your page in Unbounce.

What happens when I hit "Buy Now"?
After you hit "Buy Now" you will be directed to a Paypal checkout page. After you submit payment via Paypal, you will receive an email with a download link for ALL of the downloadable files.

Are there any usage restrictions?
No, the Kit is under an Attrubution 3.0 Unported License which means you can use the files HOWEVER YOU CHOOSE - for personal or business use. NO LIMITATIONS. With regard to attribution, all I ask is you stay in touch and let me know how the kit has been helpful for your landing pages!

Creative Commons License

Landing Page Design Kit by Jen Gordon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Do I need software to use the design files?
Yes and no, Many of graphics are exported in transparent .png format and can be directly uploaded to your Unbounce page. The "Themes" are NOT exported into .png format, as they are intended to be customized in Photoshop to fit your product or service. If you don't have a copy of Photoshop, you can click here to pick up a copy for $19/mo.

How do I sign up for a free Unbounce account?
It's super easy and fast to get set up with an Unbounce account. Just go here and sign up!

The free account is limited to 200 Unique Visitors/month and will include an Unbounce branded footer on your published page. This can be removed by upgrading to any paid plan or by choosing their $49/month unbranded option.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?
I do but I'm pretty particular about how the Kit is promoted, so shoot me an email and let's discuss!


100% Money Back Guarantee

Once people start using the Kit, they fall in love with it immediately. I rarely, rarely get requests for a refund. After all, the whole purpose is to save money and be more productive with your time.

So I decided to let you try it out for a full 90 days, as a test-drive, to make sure it’s right for you. If at ANY time in that period you decide it’s not right for you just shoot me an email (which takes like 10 seconds) and I’ll refund 100% of your money.

You can SO easily take advantage of me here, but I trust you!

Or, hire me to design a page for you.

Buy the Landing Page Design Kit v2.o

Purchase before July 15, 2014 and get unlimited online access to my Conversion e-Course - Free.

Get lifetime access to all Kit updates and additions.
Over 300 landing page graphics and themes.
Complimentary landing page design e-Course.
Zero risk. 100% Money-back guarantee (yes seriously).

Paras Chopra, Founder & CEO, Visual Website Optimizer
"Jen's Landing Page design course is an excellent and comprehensive introduction for beginners or intermediates who work on their landing pages themselves, and cannot afford (or don't want to afford) a consultant or a designer. I was impressed by the breadth of topics - from copy to color to CTAs and heck, they've even included split testing. Overall, I'll highly recommend this course as an introduction to landing page design - a craft that is easy to understand, but takes will and patience to master."

Buy the Kit - $69Buy the Kit - $69