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A hands-on, toolkit for quickly learning to write and design landing pages.

If I can create high converting landing pages, you can too.

Hey y'all this is Jen. I'm an entrepreneur, and the creator of the Landing Page Design Kit.

I'm not a marketer by trade, nor a writer. My specialty is graphic/web design, and like many "solo-preneurs" I don't have a staff. I'm a self-taught writer and marketer with a passion for design, and a passion for sharing design "cheat sheets". I love to work efficiently, and as little as possible while achieving the best results. When I find ways to do this, I like to share this information with others, which is why I created the Landing Page Design Kit. Think of it as Landing Page creation Cliff Notes. :)

I've designed dozens of landing pages for fortune 500 clients and my own products, and have had the great privledge of writing for publications like Web Designer Magazine, Computer Arts Magazine (print) and Smashing Magazine. In my spare time I enjoy many things that have nothing to do with a computer, like playing Barbie Wars with my girls and inventing curse word combinations in Atlanta traffic that I would never say to someone's face. :)

If you have a question about anything just shoot me an email jen at designboost dot net.


The Kit is under an Attrubution 3.0 Unported License which means you can use these design files HOWEVER YOU CHOOSE - for personal or business use. NO LIMITATIONS. With regard to attribution, all I ask is you stay in touch and let me know how the kit has been helpful for your landing pages!

Landing Page Design Kit

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Step-by-step Worksheets
Learning something new can be a giant pain the ass. So I've broken this course out into 8, easy to follow worksheets.

Fill out each of these worksheets and you will have the information you need to build a landing page that properly tests your hypothesis & sell your stuff.

4 Hours of Video Training
For those of you who are visual learners, I've recorded video training that will allow you to see the process taught in this couse - in action.

The goal for this course is that you leave with your own finished landing page for your business, in hand.

200+ PSD Design Templates
What good are design tips without example design templates to get you started?

In this version of the Kit I include my entire stash of pixel-perfect landing page graphics, free for all Kit students to use however they like.

Design it youself, or hire a team?

It's a choice every entrepreneur has to make.

All you need is a brain and Photoshop...

to create awesome landing pages. Believe me, if I can do it - anyone can.



These marketers are having success using the Kit.

And they were nice enough to let me publish their thoughts on how it has helped them. Schweet. :)

"Jen - your landing page kit ROCKS! I stumbled upon it about a year ago, thinking that I might use it a couple of times. I've ended up using it many times more and it is my go-to folder on my computer when I am building a new landing page."

Andrew Casey, My Juicer

"Thanks to the templates and your awesome training, we've been able to create and test 10 new landing pages, which are already showing great results. Your tutorials were easy to understand, and even our Photoshop novices are now able to slice images and create graphics for our new pages. LPDK is a tremendous asset -- if you're going to use Unbounce, the LPDK is a no-brainer!""

MK Tantum, Spector Soft

"I'm a typical programmer who is somewhat aesthetically challenged! The Kit helped me overcome this and shine like I have a designer on staff."

Steve Marriot, Cornscorelio

"Landing page design kit influenced our thinking on how to attack a market of over 100 clients, all with similar issues. It's helped us raise conversion rates from 3% to over 8%, almost tripling our effectiveness."

Marc Rigaux, CMO 24/7



One time fee.

Use any of these publishing tools.

The Kit contains .psd design files and design training. Use any publishing tools you choose.

Save time and money with proven landing page designs.

Over 500 landing page design assets give your landing page a professional look - FAST.

How do you get the files? Hitting the orange button above will redirect you to Paypal for checkout. Once your payment is processed, you will receive and email containing details on accessing the design files and training in the kit.

More questions? Click here to send me an email.

If you find that the Landing Page Design Kit isn't what you expected, email me, (Jen Gordon) within 7 days of purchase and I will refund your money. No questions asked.

4 hours of Landing Page Design Training

That's right. In addition to the design templates I also include video training that walks you through the step-by-step process of landing page design. See 12 free lessons >

Frequently Asked Questions

100% Money Back Guarantee

I am after happy customers. If you buy the Landing Page Design Kit and aren't satisfied, email me within 7 days of your purchase and I'll refund your money, no questions asked, and no giving the stink-eye in the hallway. :)

Do these files work only on Unbounce?

The design files in the Landing Page Design Kit can be used and work on any landing page publishing system. Or you can use them on your own, hand-coded pages. Signing up for an Unbounce account is not a requirement for using the files. The reason I teamed up with Unbounce to publish this kit is because they offer the most flexible, reliable and easy to use system of publishing pages I've ever seen.

How to I get the pre-designed themes into Unbounce?

I've created a series of 12 video lessons that teach you how to 1. customize the theme for your product or service, 2. export your images from Photoshop, 3. import and lay out your page in Unbounce. You can watch landing page design tutorials here.

What happens when I hit "Buy Now"?

After you hit "Buy Now" you will be directed to a Paypal checkout page. After you submit payment via Paypal, you will receive an email with a download link for ALL of the downloadable files.

Are there any usage restrictions?

No, the Kit is under an Attrubution 3.0 Unported License which means you can use the files HOWEVER YOU CHOOSE - for personal or business use. NO LIMITATIONS. With regard to attribution, all I ask is you stay in touch and let me know how the kit has been helpful for your apps!

Creative Commons License

Landing Page Design Kit by Jen Gordon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Do I need software to use the design files?

No, all graphics are exported in transparent .png format and can be directly uploaded to your Unbounce page. The "Themes" are not exported into .png format, as they are intended to be customized in Photoshop to fit your product or service.

However, if you would like to modify the design files (for example put your eBook cover artwork for your .pdf download graphic) you can use Photoshop Elements ($69), Photoshop ($699) (CS3 or higher), or Pixelmator ($59.99).

How do I sign up for a free Unbounce account?

It's super easy and fast to get set up with an Unbounce account. Just go here and sign up!

The free account is limited to 200 Unique Visitors/month, 1 Custom Domain and will include an Unbounce branded footer on your published page. This can be removed by upgrading to any paid plan or by choosing their $10/month unbranded option.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

I do but I'm pretty particular about how the Kit is promoted, so shoot me an email and let's discuss!

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See a Video Tour of the Design Templates

There are too many design files to list them all on this page - or you'd be scrolling forever. Watch this video to see what you get.